Jen Olderog

Jen Olderog

Jen Olderog

John Deere - Senior Agile Coach and Change Artist


As an Agile Coach, she is a true Agilist and Change Artist aiming for every person feel a sense of accomplishment every day. Her focus is to drive a true mindset change to leaders and team members alike. She has led 3 large (over 200 people) Agile transformations and played a key role in 3 others. Through her experience with multiple successful implementations, she is able to offer teams around the world a unique way of connecting traditional delivery and Agile.



  • Registered Scruminc Trainer
  • Registered Product Owner@Scale
  • Built, and executed in person and virtual SCRUM training for over 700 people with world-class NPS


John Deere Agile Journey

  • 25 november, 2022
  • 14:00 - 14:30